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Hunting Information  

Last Updated: 4/14/2014

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Please check the Open Gate Participating Property’s page

before using the property to make sure that it is available for the current license year.

Open Gate properties are private lands leased by NMDGF to provide access to the public for hunting, fishing and trapping. 

They are available to us only as long as we treat them with respect and keep them clean.

Landowner participation is voluntary.




Directions: You may create your own custom driving directions to the property using the Google Maps link at the bottom of this page. The directions provided by Google are for planning purposes only. Travel conditions may vary, please plan accordingly. 


Information:  Open Gate funds are used to compensate landowner for public fishing access to 1.25 miles of shoreline along the Rio Penasco.

Purpose: The purpose of this lease is to provide access to properly licensed and license-exempt anglers on or through the property owned by the landowner.

Permitted Uses: Fishing is only permitted on this property during the seasons and dates specified in the Open Gate lease agreement between the Department of Game and Fish and the landowner. Access to the property is subject to the terms and conditions in the Open Gate lease agreement and is restricted to the following permitted uses:


Permitted Use
Available Dates




Open through March 31, 2014


Anglers 11 years of age and younger are not required to hold a fishing license. You may fish without a license on free fishing days. See property rules for special use restrictions.


Property Rules: The following rules will be posted on this property and enforced at the discretion of the Department of Game and Fish. Violation of any rules will subject a person to criminal liability for trespass, as provided by New Mexico law.

  • Public use of this Open Gate private property is restricted to angling

  • No trespassing unless you have in your possession a valid fishing license or you are accompanied by a properly licensed angler

  • Each properly licensed angler is allowed to be accompanied by no more than two guests

  • Single barbless hooks, artificial flies and lures only
  • Daily bag limit is 2 rainbow trout, any length
  • Catch and release only for brown trout
  • No destructive acts, including vandalism, graffiti, theft, removal or defacing natural features, resources or signs
  • No Consumption of alcoholic beverages, picnicking, or swimming
  • No Camping, fires or smoking

  • No littering

  • All angling on this Open Gate property is open for use from two hours before sunrise to two hours after sunset   

Maps:   Click Here For Boundary Map              Get Driving Directions Using Google Maps