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Hunting Information  

Last Updated: 3/26/2013

Population Reduction Hunter Lists


If you selected population management (5th choice) on your big game application, your name and contact information will be placed on a list of potential hunters. Being on this list indicates that you are interested in being contacted, if a population reduction hunt is scheduled by the Department. Be aware that being on the list does not guarantee you will be called to hunt during this hunting season.


Additionally there is no ranking order to this list, and no licenses have been issued. 


Once you are called, you will be given the information related to that particular hunt.  If you accept the hunt, you will be given information on how to purchase a license.  If you decline, the Department will call another hunter on the list. 


These hunts are on an as needed basis and hunters could be contacted with very short notice (24 to 48 hours in advance of the hunt). 


If you have further questions, please call 888-727-4883.