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Last Updated: 03/20/2008


Rules & Information

Wildlife Management Areas


Rules and Information for Special Opportunity Drawings

The Gaining Access into Nature program will provide wildlife-associated recreational opportunities to people who participate in seasonal drawings for activities involving New Mexico's wildlife.


Online applications are currently being accepted for 2008 GAIN Special Opportunities.


Some GAIN highlights and rules:


GAIN special opportunity participants must submit applications for special permits that will allow them access to the Wildlife Management Areas and the guided activities. Successful applicants will be selected through a lottery-type drawing.


GAIN special opportunity permits will be for activities in designated wildlife areas on specific dates. Some wildlife areas may be closed to protect wildlife during sensitive times such as calving seasons.


Applications will be accepted ONLY through the Department's online application process. Department employees will assist applicants and enter information by telephone if the applicant(s) don't have computer access or need help.

The application fee is $8 per person. Up to four applicants may apply on a single application. Only the application fee will be charged at time of application. Permit fees vary by activitiy and will be charged to an applicant's credit card if and when successful in the drawing.


A person may apply as many times as they wish, but must pay the application fee each time.


Applicants may submit up to three choices on one application for the same activity, but can only be drawn for one. For example, applicants may not apply for elk bugling and wildlife trapping on the same application. However, they may apply for multiple dates for the same activity on the same application.


Only certain activities will be available for application at certain times of the year.


Applications will not be rejected unless they are incomplete or credit cards are not accepted.


Tours are individually planned between participants and guides.  Please contact your guide if you are unable to attend a tour.  Missed tours will not be refunded.