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Officer of the Month  

Last Updated: 07/11/2014


 Sergeant Castell attempting to catch-pole a suspected injured or sick raccoon on a roof in Albuquerque.

Sergeant Rick Castell

Officer Josh Wood with a black bear that was tranquilized in Taos, NM and released back into the mountains

Officer Josh Wood


July 2014

Rick Castell


June 2014

Josh Wood


May 2014

Brandon Ferguson


April 2014

Eric Ytuarte


March 2014

Storm Usrey


February 2014

John Sershen


January 2014

Justin Winter


December 2013

Marcelino Peralta


November 2013

Ben Otero


October 2013

Eric Nelson


September 2013

Adan Jacquez


August 2013

Allen Perez


Officer Eric Ytuarte

Officer Eric Ytuarte

Officer Storm Usrey

Officer Storm Usrey

Officer John Sershen

Officer John Sershen (far right)

Officer Marcelino Peralta

Officer Marcelino Peralta

Brandon Ferguson on angler patrol during Walleye Spawn at Caballo Lake

Officer Brandon Ferguson

Officer Adan Jacquez

Officer Adan Jacquez