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Last Updated: 01/05/05


Confiscated Deer Antlers, 9X11 points , approx. 37 1/2 inch. wide



Thanks to an OGT tip, Officer Brad Ryan was tipped off to the person that poached this trophy buck out of season. Officer Ryan investigated the case that actually was initiated over 1 year ago. Thanks to the sketch by a deer enthusiast and a concerned tipster, Officer Ryan was able to unravel this case and retrieve this illegally taken magnificent trophy.


On December 29, 2004, Reggie Bell plead guilty to illegal killing, possession and unlawful transport of game. Bell was initially fined $1,500.00 plus court costs (instead will serve 323 hours of community service), voluntarily agreed to forfeit the 7 MM Savage rifle the buck was killed with and assessed a civil damage of $250.00 for the civil loss of the deer to the state.


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Keep those tips coming! Anyone that wishes to report poaching may do so by submitting a Operation Game Thief Confidential Report.