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Last Updated: 4/3/2014



3 Dome Deer poached



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191-trophy buck


Call to OGT leads to charges against deer hunter (04/03/2014) SOLVED!

Portales man charged with several counts following the unlawful killing of a mule deer buck...



OGT tip leads to conviction against turkey hunter (02/21/2014) SOLVED!

Pecos man was found guilty of unlawful hunting and possession of a turkey...



San Felipe man ordered to pay fines for killing a spike deer and turkey (02/05/2014) SOLVED!

San Felipe man with fines and community service after he killed an illegal spike deer and turkey in Game Management Unit 38 near Corona New Mexico...



Two fishermen were issued citations for exceeding the bag limit of trout (12/19/2013) SOLVED!

Two men were issued citations for exceeding the bag limit of trout thanks to an individual who called Operation Game Thief...



Deer poached in the Dome area near Cochiti (11/07/2013) SOLVED!

A Santo Domingo man was convicted on Nov. 7 of poaching three deer and ordered to pay $1,938 in fines...



Mountainair man found guilty of killing 191-inch trophy buck (10/01/2013) SOLVED!

Man found guilty of 5 poaching charges...



GMU 4 6x6 bull elk (10/08/2012) SOLVED!

Man charged with criminal trespass and unlawful killing of elk...



5 Pronghorn shot and left on the King Ranch (02/14/2012) SOLVED!

Indictments issued in antelope poaching case 06/05/2012...



Los Lunas deer poachers get $1,199 in fines and Civil Penalties (11/07/2011) SOLVED!

Two Los Lunas men convicted of poaching a deer were ordered to pay 06/25/2012...



2 men sentenced in antelope poaching spree (09/06/07) SOLVED!

Colfax County District Judge John P. Paternoster sentenced Fort Worth residents Kolby Knight, 21, and Jonathon Seamen, 22, on Aug. 29.  To read more click here...



3 suspects nabbed in trophy deer tip (02/27/07) SOLVED!

A citizen called the OGT line and reported a trophy-size deer being allegedly poached which led to the execution of a search warrant and charging of 3 supsects.  To read more click here...



Thrill Killing of 4 deer (12/14/05) SOLVED!

The deer were shot between the hours of 2:30 AM and 3:00AM on Sunday 12/11/05.  All four deer were lying dead within 100 yards of each other 



Trophy Deer Poached in Farmington, N.M. SOLVED!

The Department is looking for any leads on a unique trophy buck that was poached in the Farmington, New Mexico area last December.



Headless deer left to rot in Clovis, NM (12/2004) SOLVED!

5 deer were left in farm field near Clovis around December 30, 2004