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Last Updated: 06/08/2012

New Mexico Conservation Officer Photos

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Your office

The great outdoors is your office

Antelope Trapping

Antelope trapping operation

OHV antelope herding

OHV antelope herding

wilderness on horseback

Wilderness on horseback

wildlife calls

Wildlife complaints

depredation assistance

Depredation assistance

Be part of a team

Be part of a team

cougar relocations

Cougar relocation

OHV patrol

Off-Highway Vehicle patrol

wildlife calls

Wildlife complaint releases

Poaching roadblock seizure

Roadblock investigation seizure

HE archery

Hunter education archery training

elk surveying

Elk surveys

walleye spawn

Ute Lake walleye spawn

wildlife specialist

Officers specialize in wildlife

deer hunt patrol

The great outdoors is your office

road blocks

Hunting season road block

antelope health check

Antelope health check

poaching investigation

Confiscated antlers

AIS Boat Inspections

Aquatic invasive species boat inspection

helicopter elk survey

Helicopter elk survey

wildfire assistance and cleanup

Wildfire assistance and cleanup

Barbary sheep hunt patrol

Barbary sheep hunt patrol

HE firearms

Hunter education firearm training

poaching investigations

Poaching investigation