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Last Updated: 4/21/2006


Career Advancement

From District Officer to Raton District Supervisor

Officer Sanchez on Horseback in Forest
Officer Sanchez (2nd from left) on Horseback Patrol in Forest



Rey A Sanchez



Raton District Wildlife Supervisor


Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

Raton Supervisory District GMUs: parts of 41, 47, and 49, all of 48, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58



BS in Agriculture-Wildlife Science Major from NMSU


Length of Service:

7 years


Specialty or Interest:

Law Enforcement Activities


Current Projects/Assignments:

Coordinating/Planning Patrols for Spring Turkey Season, Bear Depredation Complaints in Raton Area, Antelope Depredation Complaints in Clayton Area


Best Thing About the Job:

The diversity of the job; no two days are the same.


Most Common Question People Have:   

How can I keep the bears away from my garbage cans in town?



Try to keep all possible food sources put away. This includes putting your garbage in the trash cans the morning of garbage pickup if possible. Also keep pet food in bear proof containers or inside the home or secure buildling. Take hummingbird feeders inside at night and only put out enough bird food to last through the day. Pick up fruit from fruit trees as it ripens and pick up all spoiled fruit from the ground as it falls. Clean barbeque grills as they are used and store them in a closed sturdy shed or garage. The less attractants the less likely a bear will come around looking for food.


Contact Information:

(505) 445-2311 or