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Career Advancement 

Last Updated: 10/24/2012


Promoted from District Officer to Las Vegas District Supervisor


Sergeant Ty Jackson with a large bear captured, radio collared and released during an elk calf study
Sergeant Ty Jackson with a large bear captured, radio collared and released during an elk calf study


Sergeant Ty Jackson


Las Vegas District Supervisor

Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

Las Vegas Supervisory District which includes the Las Vegas, Mora, Pecos and Tucumcari Districts.  It also includes GMU’s 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, and portions of GMU’s 47, 49 and 59 


Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Range Science

Length of Service:

10 years

Specialty or Interest:

Law Enforcement and Elk management

Current Projects/Assignments:

I have been heavily involved in the on-going elk calf study on the Valle Vidal over the past 3 years, including the bear research which has accompanied this study.  I am currently extremely busy assisting my Officers in conducting criminal investigations in the Las Vegas area.

Best Thing About the Job:

A hard working, self-starter can see and do things in this job that few other humans will ever experience.

Most Common Question People Have:

How do I become a game warden?


The NM Dept. of Game and Fish is always looking for good game wardens.  This is a job that requires a smart, highly motivated person capable of working in a hostile environment on their own with little or no assistance.

Perhaps the following quote best describes what we are looking for:

“I want as game protectors men of courage, resolution and hardihood, who can handle the rifle, axe and paddle; who can camp out in summer or winter; who can go on snowshoes, if necessary; who can go through the woods by day or by night without regard to trails.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Nov. 28, 1899

Contact Information: or 575-643-8012


Important Information:

The Officers in the Las Vegas Supervisory District investigate an excessive number of poached/headless animals.  Information from the public is often the only way to solve these crimes and is invaluable to Game and Fish Officers statewide.  If you have information regarding illegal activity please call Operation Game Thief as soon as possible at 800-432-4263 or