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Last Updated: 08/21/2014

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New Mexico Hunter Education Instructor Information

How to become a volunteer Hunter Education Instructor


The Department of Game and Fish is always recruiting new Hunter Education Instructors. Please click here or call a member of the program staff below to find out how you can volunteer!.




Hunter Education Staff

  Phone Number E-mail
Program Coordinator - Jennifer Morgan 505-222-4722
Assistant Program Coordinator-Vacant 505-222-4733  
Program Manager - Kari Boynton 505-222-4731
Instructor Line Same 800 number none


Upcoming Instructor Workshops & Program Events


If you would like to participate in an Instructor workshop please contact the Program Staff. This will ensure there is enough space and class material for everyone.


2014 Dates Workshop/Event Location
June 28 & 29 Instructor Training Workshop and Field Day Class Albuquerque - Game & Fish Office
July 19 FULL GPS Albuquerque - Game and Fish Office
August 16 & 17 New Mexico Outdoor EXPO Albuquerque - Shooting Range Park
September 13 Trapper Education Workshop Las Cruces - Game & Fish Office
September 27 NEW Muzzleloader Workshop (Rifle and Pistol) Las Cruces
November 8 Muzzleloader Workshop (Rifle and Pistol) Albuquerque
December 13, 2014
Survival Skills Workshop Albuquerque - Game & Fish Office


Current posting reflects confirmed dates of available instructors. Any posting that has a blue hyper-link to a workshop flier will also be available for registration using your Game & Fish Customer Account (click HERE to register).  A posting that does not have a hyper-link is awaiting confirmation of facilities and/or locations, and is not yet available for registration (with the exception of planning meetings). Once confirmation is received, the posting will be updated and the workshop will be open for registration.  Additional workshops and dates are pending.


Training Tips and Continuing Education


The Program will post web links to articles and video that may assist instructors in keeping up with new trends and techniques in hunting and shooting. If you take time to review these videos, please contact the Program office and let us know the date(s) you reviewed the material; this counts toward your instructor Continuing Education requirement to maintain your active status with the Program.


Public Speaking without Fear and Anxiety - by Dave Oakes. A DVD packet is available for check-out from the Program and each area field office. This four hour training follows a workbook (click here for workbook) and will show you how to overcome the greatest obstacle in any communication situation: nervousness. In addition, the training will help you with planning your presentations, controlling the teaching environment and the psychology of a great delivery.


Online Trapper Education - (FREE) The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies has developed a free online trapper education course that state agencies and other organizations can use to train and certify trappers.  The online course covers all of the AFWA-approved national standards and learning objectives for trapping in North America. The site also features Best Management Practices for trapping 20 species of furbearers.


*NEW* Rifle Maintenance - Cleaning the Bolt - In this shooting tip video Jeremy Winters addresses how to clean the bolt on a bolt action rifle.

(Gunwerks Video- 4:44)


Dove Hunting Tips - NSSF Sportscast Join NSSF's Doug Painter on the Dove field for a few pointers that will help ensure your success this season. (NSSF Video - 3:24)


Advanced Shooting Techniques - Bolt Manipulation Bolt manipulation skills are of extreme importance to any type of shooting you might do. Proper bolt techniques for cycling the bolt, keeping your head on the stock and keeping the game animal in the field of view of your scope should that second shot be needed. (NSSF Video - 3:01)


Shooting Positions in the Field - NSSF Shooting Sportscast For those times when the prone position is not an option, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner discusses alternate shooting positions to make sure you are as stable as possible. (NSSF Video - 7:14)


Sight Alignment and Sight Picture -- NSSF Shooting Sportscast Champion Shooter Doug Koenig explains this key fundamental to shooting. Get your sights aligned properly, line them up with the target and pull the trigger with out disturbing them and you'll hit the target. (NSSF Video)


Shooting at Angles: Rifle Shooting Technique - NSSF Shooting Sportscast When shooting at angles gravity affects your bullet differently. Learn from NSSF's Ryan Cleckner how to apply an angle to correctly compensate for bullet drop when shooting either uphill or down. (NSSF video)


Treestand Safety Video.  This video addresses the universal safety requirements instituted by the Treestand Manufacturer's Association and the National Bowhunters Education Foundation, as well as updated information about self-rescue, tower stands, and safety tethers. (Approx. 27 minutes)


How to Shoot Trap - NSSF Shooting Sportscast. OSP Shooting School's Gil Ash explains how he approaches each station on a trap field. By knowing the proper hold points and focal points for each station you can greatly improve trap shooting. This tutorial also offers tips that can make you more successful at any shotgun sport or while afield. (NSSF Video - 13:51)


Big Game: What Happens Between Shot and Down -Big game that drops instantly to a shot is cause for concern, as Wayne van Zwoll explains in this eye-opening article. (Gun Digest Article)


Understanding Gun Fit - NSSF Sportscast Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools explains what the three key measurements gunfitters consider when properly fitting a shotgun. Does your shogun fit? Find out how you can tell. (NSSF Video - 4:55)


Mentored Youth Hunting Program


The Mentored-Youth Hunting Program (MY) is an education and outreach program to help states create hunting opportunities for youth, so that more families may enjoy America's greatest outdoor tradition together. In November 2012, the Game Commission approved a rule change that allows the MY Program to work in New Mexico. The rule change, as well as parameters of the program, will be contained within the 2013-2014 Big Game Rules and Information Booklet. Please click on the following links to learn more about MY hunting and the opportunities it creates for hunter recruitment and retention.


Noteworthy News



The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and 4,200 of its closest friends got together at the Department’s Outdoor Expo at the City of Albuquerque Shooting Range Park, August 16-18. It was a record crowd for the 11th annual event. The Expo started Friday, Aug. 16, with 200 students from local schools being taken on a tour of the venues.


The Expo venues included firing shotguns, .22-caliber pistols, .22-caliber rifles, muzzleloaders, archery, casting, rock climbing, kayaking, and fishing for catfish.  


This year participants got to experience kayaking in the expanded 40x40 pond and tried their hand with an atlatl -- a hunting tool used in New Mexico during prehistoric times. The Department stressed conservation messages throughout the event, illustrating how money generated by hunting, fishing and trapping license fees was used to re-establish elk, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, bears, cougars and other wildlife in the state. Many populations were depleted before New Mexico became a state in 1912.


Many thanks go out to the Volunteers, Department staff and our following 2013 sponsors: City of Albuquerque, Pepsi, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, Dexter National Fish Hatchery, New Mexico Hunter Educators Association Inc., Charlie’s Sporting Goods, Del Norte Gun Club, The Archery Shoppe, NM Department of Transportation, Quality Baits, Sandia Ic, Albuquerque Fire Department and the Abq. Community Emergency Response Team for their generosity and support.


Instructor Insights (Quarterly Newsletter)

Spring 2014 (pdf) In this Issue: New Mexico Outdoor Expo, New Student Material, Upcoming Workshops and Events.


Winter 2014 (pdf) In This Issue:  Instructor Recognition Program Updates, Proficiency Evaluation Refresher Forms, Program Notes (Proficiency Grading, Workshop Registration, Mentored-Youth Program Update, Pellet Shooting Trailers), Junior Instructors, Instructor Training, Upcoming Events Calendar


Fall 2013 (pdf) In This Issue:  OHV Education, "Why Do I Teach Hunter Education?", Bowhunter Education Recognition Program Finalized, NASP, Mentor the Next Generation, Upcoming Events Calendar


Summer 2013 (pdf) In This Issue:  Important Partnerships, Instructor Development, Food for Thought, Bowhunter Education Recognition Program, Alumni Mail List, NSSF News, NM International YHEC Team Honored, New Class Supplies, Continuing Education Opportunities, Upcoming Events Calendar


Additional Instructor Information


Field Day Courses

For those current, certified Hunter Education Instructors who wish to conduct the Field Day (formerly referred to as "Home Study") student courses in their community, you must first attend the Field Day Instructor Training Workshop prior to teaching this type of class. So, round up your teammates who are interested and attend the workshop nearest you!


Authorization & Consent for Background Check Form

Volunteer Hunter Education Authorization and Consent for Background Check form available here for download. If you are a volunteer hunter education instructor with the New Mexico Hunter Education Program and have not yet filled this out, please print out and return to the address provided on the bottom of the form. Please do not hesitate to contact the Program Staff if you should have any questions or concerns.


New Mexico Hunter Education Instructor Association

Contact the New Mexico Hunter Education Instructor Association, Inc. at for information about the association and how to become a member.


Spanish Hunter Education Manuals

The Hunter Education Manual is now available in Spanish. Contact the Hunter Education office if you should need a copy.


Hunter Education Instructor Class Forms