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Last Updated: 3/19/10

aimee arellanes
Aimee Arellanes, March 2010 Employee of the Month


Aimee D. Arellanes


Financial specialist

Area of Responsibility

Wildlife Management Division


Associate's degree, paralegal studies.

Length of Service:

Two years with the Department, six years with the state.


Specialty or Interest:

My specialty is making people laugh.


Current Projects/Assignments:

You name it, I do it -- or will eventually do it.


Best Thing About the Job:

I love the people I work with and the time I have spent in the field has been unbelievable awewome.


Most Common Question People Have:

How do I file my harvest report?



You have to call the toll-free number, 1-888-6866 or online at

Contact Information:; 505-476-8037

Other inportant imformation:

Still waiting for someone to take me hunting because I can not read a map to save my life.