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Last Updated: 6/17/10

Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith, July 2010 Employee of the Month


Glenn Smith


Information Systems Operations Section Supervisor

Area of Responsibility

Agency infrastructure continuity, agency IT approvals, Information Services Division budget, and agency and ISD IT purchasing.


BSEE, University of New Mexico, 1982.

Length of Service:

22 years, 5 months.

Specialty or Interest:

Hunting, camping, hiking and general trouble-making. Computers, maybe.

Current Projects/Assignments:

Ummmm ... stuff, like herding cats. See Area of Responsibility.

Best Thing About the Job:

I get to work with everybody in the Department on an equal level.

Most Common Question People Have:

Hey, I just ...... How do I fix it?


Oh, that is either an ID-10T or a PEBKAC error. (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair.)

Contact Information:

(505) 476-8018,