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Last Updated: 09/12/06


Rhonda Holderman
Rhonda Holderman, September Employee of the Month

Rhonda Holderman



Special Uses Permit Manager


Area of Responsibility:

Special Permits (Falconry, importation, game bird propagation, wildlife rehabbers, shooting preserves, class A lakes and parks, airborne hunting, call pens, nuisance, protected mammal.)  



B.S. in Business from Tulsa University


Length of Service:

Five months, 3 days and 4.5 hours (at time I turned this in)


Specialty or Interest:

I cook a lot


Current Projects/Assignments:

Project - Becky Cox and I are trying to compile a game cookbook for Operation Game Thief fundraising - everyone needs to let us know their favorite recipes!!!!! C'mon ya'll, when else will you have the chance to see your name in print!


Best Thing About the Job:

Kind of quirky.


Most Common Question People Have:

Where is Tina? (Gurule)



I have no idea.


Contact Information:

505-476-8064, fax 505-476-8166,