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Last Updated: 01/17/07

Name :   patsy                                         

Patricia (Patsy) Medina


Position :                                        

Financial Specialist, Fisheries Management Division


Area of Responsibility :           

Process Fisheries fiscal liabilities and supervise two individuals


Education :                                

High School diploma; 16 credit hours accounting from Santa Fe Community College


Length of Service :                     

Total of 17 years with the State of New Mexico


Specialty or Interest:                 

Accounting and procurement


Current Projects/Assignments :  

Disencumber and re-encumber recurring obligations in SHARE due to grant changes.


Best Thing About the Job:     

Receiving a "thank you" from vendors and employees who have been waiting patiently for payment.


Most Common Question People Have:  

Where is my money?


Answer :                                        

It's in the "future" mail!


Contact Information :             

NM Department of Game and Fish, Santa Fe, NM 87504


Other Important Information :

Tendency to be stubborn, but have found that in this position it has come in quite handy. Also served 4 years active duty and 2 years reserve in the United States Navy.