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Last Updated: 02/01/2007

Louise Montague


Louise Montague



Administrative Support


Area of Responsibility:   

Everything pertaining to license sales, customer service, payroll, citations, vender report; knowledge of NM Game and Fish rules, regulations, laws, procedures/policies and programs to be of help to   officers and public. Everything assigned.



30 credit hours of college, right now I am enrolled in an Accounting class. I plan on becoming a Certified Bookkeeper.


Length of Service:  

I started with NM State Police 14 years ago. I have been with Game & Fish for almost 7 years.


Specialty or Interest:   

Community Theater, Barber Shop style singing, and dancing.


Current Projects/Assignments:  

Everything as assigned.


Best Thing About the Job:   

The privilege to take care of my "guys" and to meet and get acquainted with so many people in the community.  


Most Common Question People Have:  

"When are you gonna stock Lake Van?"



"NEVER, or in a few weeks, whichever comes first."


Contact Information:

505-624-6135 or