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Last Updated: 08/14/2007

Name :   
Tina Tenorio
Tina Tenorio, August 2007 Employee of the Month

Tina Tenorio


Position :                                        

Executive Secretary for Public Information and Outreach Division, Santa Fe


Area of Responsibility :           

Answering incoming calls and e-mails about hunting, fishing and Department activities and programs.



Associates Degree. Currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Administration at the University of Phoenix.


Length of Service :                     

Going on four years.


Specialty or Interest:                

Just to stay busy and focus on my job and school, so I won't worry so much about my oldest son, who is currently serving in the New Mexico National Guard in Iraq. Helping out my daughter-in-law with my 3-year-old grand-daughter.


Current Projects/Assignments

Trying to catch up with my EARs. A full-time job?


Best Thing About the Job:    

Coming to work every day and working with a great bunch of people in PIO.


Most Common Question People Have:

Where's Marty? (just kidding) Where is the best unit to hunt elk in the state? When am I going to see my license?


Answer :                                        

Unit 16D.


Contact Information :            

476-8000 or


Other Important Information :

Always be safe when hunting or fishing.