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Last Updated: 04/13/06


Lisa Alcaraz



Resource Partnership Specialist


Area of Responsibility:

Statewide, workstation is Santa Fe



High School, plus Santa Fe Community College classes

Lisa AlcarazLisa Alcaraz, April Employee of the Month

Length of Service:

4 years


Specialty or Interest:

Spanish dancing


Current Projects/Assignments:

Auditing EVERY SINGLE EAR, purchase voucher, heavy equipment purchase, and mileage report submitted statewide. Lisa is the reason we stay out of trouble with our Federal Auditors.


Best Thing About the Job:

Learning everything about the Department and what we do.


Most Common Question People Have:

Why do we have to do EARs?


To capture our Federal Aid costs and make sure the agency is reimbursed.

Contact Information:

(505) 476-8014 or