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Last Updated: 5/2/2013

Employee of the Month


Mark Watson, May 2013


Position: Terrestrial habitat specialist.

Area of responsibility: Review and comment on public-land projects that affect wildlife and make recommendations for mitigation and habitat restoration.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of New Mexico with emphases on ecology and zoology.

Length of service: 16 years.

Specialty or interest: Wildlife photography, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking.

Current projects or assignments: State Wildlife Plan revision, Crucial Habitat Analysis Tool (CHAT) development, BLM Madrean Archipelago, Chihuahuan Desert, and Southern Great Plains Rapid Ecological Assessments.

Best thing about the job: Opportunity to benefit wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

Most common question people have:

Where did all the deer go?

Answer: Get out of your truck and hike to find deer.

Contact information:

Other comments, information: I feel very fortunate to work for an agency whose mission is wildlife conservation.

Mark Watson
Mark Watson, May 2013 Employee of the Month