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Share with Wildlife  

Last Updated: 05/30/07

Who We Are


Share with Wildlife is a non-profit program of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, supported exclusively by donations. Its mission is to assist all New Mexico wildlife in need, no matter what species. The program funds four general categories: research, public education, habitat protection, and wildlife rehabilitation. Share with Wildlife is particularly committed to helping those species which do not receive funding from any other source, including many endangered and threatened species.


Share with Wildlife was initiated by the state legislature in 1981. The program was created to "provide additional wildlife funds to perpetuate the renewable wildlife resource of New Mexico that gives so much pleasure and recreation to all New Mexicans." The means established for collecting these additional funds was a "check-off" on the state income tax form for those who receive a refund. Share with Wildlife receives most of its funding through the state income tax check-off, but we also accept mail-in contributions.