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New Mexico Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy  

Last Updated: 08/16/2007


Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy of New Mexico (CWCS/NM)

Conserving New Mexico’s Biodiversity


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Executive Summary


Table of Contents


Roadmap to the Elements




Chapter 1: Introduction and Purpose


Chapter 2: Approach


Chapter 3: New Mexico's Biodiversity


Chapter 4: Statewide Assessment and Strategies


Chapter 5: Assessments and Strategies for Species of Greatest Conservation Need and Key Habitats


Key Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitats




Statewide Distributed Riparian Habitats


Statewide Distributed Ephemeral Habitats and Perennial Tanks




Additional Species of Greatest Conservation Need


Chapter 6: Monitoring Status and Trends


Chapter 7: Implementation, Review and Revision


Supporting Documentation