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Last Updated: 09/29/2009

Mountain Lion Management in Desert Bighorn Ranges


mountain lion in the Peloncillo Mountains
Fra Cristobals mountain lion

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Mountain Lion Management

Mountain lion removal in desert bighorn sheep ranges by contracted trappers and hunters is part of the statewide mountain lion management program. Population estimates for each mountain lion management zone are determined based on available habitat, prey abundance, and other ecological factors. The maximum sustainable number of mountain lions that can be removed in one year is based on historic removal numbers and management objectives. This number incorporates removal from all sources, including hunter harvest, removal from bighorn sheep habitat, depredation, roadkill, etc. Therefore, mountain lion removal from desert bighorn sheep ranges is considered in the total sustainable number removed from the mountain lion management zone, and will not result in a decreasing mountain lion population statewide. Click here for more details about the sustainable harvest levels.